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If Retail Medicine Is At A Tipping Point...

...why not tip some of it your way?  Consumers are using less health care (WSJ) while MinuteClinic's volumes are jumping. What gives?

Mark Perry sees a tipping point as consumers prefer convenience over established relationships and lower costs over high-tech.

Some hospitals have chosen to compete with the trend by opening or acquiring their own retail clinics.  Few have done so without significant blow-back from their physicians, unhappy with the new competition.  What to do?

If you still have an independent primary care base facing increased competition from retail clinics, my advice is to do what you can to teach your docs how to successfully compete with the retail model.  In short, turn each PCP office into its own "Minute Clinic."

Start by building a shared vision with your docs that retail medicine taps into a growing and important consumer mindset, one that's unlikely to diminish any time soon.  Create a "Retail Manual" packed with advice, recommend…