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"Stop Blaming the Patient!"

From "Mayo doc: Stop blaming patients. Healthcare industry’s take on non-compliance is all wrong."

Dr. Victor Montori offers some great riffs on engagement:
Non-compliance is frequently talked about as a cost and a burden put on the healthcare system by patients. But Montori’s theory is that really, it’s the healthcare system over-burdening the patient. “We have to be very careful not to blame the patients,” Montori said during his closing keynote at MedCity’s ENGAGE on Thursday. “A lot of the conversation (around patient engagement) has been, how do we get them to do stuff? To me, that’s not engagement." [...] Montori closed by asserting that the U.S. healthcare system will be the best in the world only when it begins to shrink. “Healthcare right now is all about itself. Healthcare right now is about how do we get bigger, more market share,” he said. “That means that patients have to take more medicine, have to monitor themselves more often [...] We …

Hanging Up On Honda

My phone rang last night, with the caller ID showing an unfamiliar number from Fremont, MI.  A quick Google search hinted that it was Honda calling, probably to determine my satisfaction with a recent oil change at one of their dealers.

I'm not answering their calls.  Not now, not ever.  Why?

Several months ago, after a similiar service visit led to a similar call, I told the researcher I was unhappy with the dealer for recommending what I thought were unecessary service items in an attempt to inflate my bill.  (So what else is new, right? Whodathunk?)

Not twenty minutes later said dealer's service manager calls, unhappy that I'd given him and his department less than perfect marks and downright angry that I'd aired my suspicions in the survey.

So I gave their customer satisfaction researchers honest feedback and they ratted me out to the locals.  Seriously?

Let's make a new deal.  Mark down that I said "Honda's service is PERFECT in all respects" and…