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What Tech Trends Do CIOs See As Overrated?

From Chris Murphy, Editor at "7 Tech Trends CIOs Call Overrated."

Trend #4: "Big data over small data."
(Says) Ken Harris, Shaklee CIO: "I'm not convinced that big data for most companies is a promising investment right now. We haven't learned how to handle small data well, let alone throw big data on there. That isn't to say there aren't some companies for whom big data could be a game changer, but most companies don't even effectively handle small data." Harris is entirely correct, especially regarding healthcare's provider organizations - hospitals and physician groups - who, despite much talk about evidence-based practice, remain too often stuck in patterns of deliberate, consensus-to-a-fault decision-making. 

Think that's harsh?  One AHRQ study found that "...(t)ranslation of research findings into sustainable improvements in clinical outcomes and patient outcomes remains a substantial obstacle …

The Patients Speak!

Andrea J. Simon writing at  "What Do Patients Really Want and Do Docs Care?"
With high deductibles, consumers all expressed how they are less likely to go to the doctor unless they are really sick. A number of them spoke about preempting the healthcare system altogether and instead, using their personal network to speak with friends who are nurses about their situation or that of their child before going to the physicians.

Most interesting was the degree to which these consumers--all of whom were between 25 and 54 in age--were anxious to get mobile applications that they could use themselves to help diagnose and manage their conditions. DIY healthcare is going to be very hot if we can get it right.