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The FCC, Net Neutrality and Hell

It's difficult to see the FCC's Net Neutrality decision as anything other than an anti-Comcast vote. Maybe I'm unique, but I side with companies making my life easier and better - Google, Amazon, NetFlix, e.g., and against companies making my life a living hell.

What consumers want from Comcast, in no particular order are (1) fast connections, (2) fair prices and (3) problem-solving customer service. Welcome to hell, Comcast style.

It's a good lesson for CEOs everywhere: suck badly enough and publicly enough, for long enough, and nobody will take your side when big decisions are made on the national stage. And it doesn't matter who might benefit.  What's important is revenge and YOU LOSE, Comcast.

Yes, this means siding with the FCC and a gaggle of collectivist nitwits, but my distaste for them and their nitwittery pales against my utter loathing for Comcast.